Polaris Restaurant at The Hyatt Regency Atlanta
Tapered insulation was configured in ring shapes for two roof levels
Custom fabricated segments of TPA Roll Stock were utilized
Custom-made aluminum fascia installed on perimeter
The circular building design of the iconic Blue Dome
The Hyatt Regency Atlanta by noted architect John C. Portman, Jr.
Polaris Restaurant at The Hyatt Regency Atlanta

Polaris Restaurant at The Hyatt Regency Atlanta

The iconic Polaris Restaurant and Lounge high atop The Hyatt Regency Atlanta needed a new roof. The project had several unique challenges which we were able to solve based on our extensive experience with architecturally important and unusual buildings.

First issue was access. The only way to the roof was through a small opening in the sidewall beneath the Blue Dome. Second challenge: circular building design precluded a normal application of a single-ply membrane.

After surface preparation, we installed tapered insulation carefully configured to the ring shapes of the two roof levels. We fabricated segments of TPA from Roll Stock in our shop and shipped them to the job site. After transporting each up the 22 floors via elevator, they were carried up stairs and handed through the tight access point. Each was carefully engineered to fit through the small opening and go down on the curving roof decks like precise puzzle pieces.

A custom-made aluminum fascia was designed and installed at the perimeter of the rings for a final touch. The result was a world-class solution for a world-class building. Superior performance and increased energy efficiency were achieved while protecting the original aesthetic vision of noted building architect John C. Portman, Jr.

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Puerto Rico Convention Center skylight inspired by ocean waves
NBC Roofing at Puerto Rico Convention Center
Watertight mullions fabrication
Tremco Sealants custom extruded silicone covers
Custom extruded Tremco sealants
Preformed silicone sealant
Silicone glass roofing sealant
Puerto Rico Convention Center

Puerto Rico Convention Center

The Puerto Rico Convention Center is the largest and most technologically advanced facility of its kind in the Caribbean. Located in the Isla Grande neighborhood of San Juan, this international facility draws visitors from across the globe. The building features soaring expanses of glass, and an enormous skylight inspired by overlapping ocean waves.

The skylight began leaking almost immediately after the building opened. Repair required painstaking care for both the building and the crew. Safety was paramount; rigging was complicated by the intricate wave design. The glass-to-glass joints were made watertight with preformed silicone sealant. Mullions required fabrication of a custom extruded silicone cover by Tremco Sealants that was installed over the metal and sealed to the glass with silicone. To meet the deadline, our crew worked 12 hours a day, seven days a week for four months. The roof has not leaked since, even surviving the devastating 2017 hurricane Maria with winds up to 175 miles per hour.

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