The Monastery of the Holy Spirit

The Monastery of the Holy Spirit recently honored their mission and history in the creation of a new visitors center. True to their values of preserving the past while leading the way forward, the brothers chose to incorporate a historic barn into the plan. The result is an extraordinary facility that melds old and new architecture seamlessly on one campus.

We put a state-of-the-art metal roofing system on the entire facility. A highlight of the project was expertly installing the gambrel style roof on the old barn section. It was important the detailing specified by the architect be achieved just as the design called for. We were working on a restored brick building with the inherent challenges that entails. Great care must be taken in the construction process to not damage the facade. A gambrel roof has several intersection points where the roof changes angles. Precision is required to ensure those joints seal perfectly and the integrity of the building is protected from the elements.

The result is an extraordinary facility that functions efficiently while creating the kind of visitor experience the brothers envisioned. The reflective roofing system saves energy and meets the client’s goal of positive environmental impact. The look of the roof is an essential aspect of the greater design scheme. We are delighted to have been part of the project.