The Monastery of the Holy Spirit Abbey Church

The Monastery of the Holy Spirit is a 2,000-acre enclave in our hometown of Conyers, GA. Their beautifully elegant Abbey Church is regarded as “Georgia’s Most Remarkable Concrete Building” for several reasons, including a soaring tower where three bells toll daily. Built in the 1940’s of poured concrete by the monks themselves, this remarkably restrained architectural marvel attracts visitors from the world over.

So when the brothers needed to repair the middle bell (named Gabriel), gentle, precise expertise was required. Working with Chimemaster and Heaton Erecting, we carefully enlarged the center window opening so the bell could be removed for repairs. After Gabriel was returned to his perch, we artfully restored the opening to its original proportions, maintaining the integrity of the design. This kind of historic restoration is just one example of our comprehensive commitment to bring the highest craftsmanship to every project.